Buy Your Tickets Online!

Buy Online!

Visit to purchase your Ticket Package online and learn more about what each Ticket Package includes!

Ticket Packages

The "Tickets Order Form" downloadable file below contains a table explaining the different Ticket Packages available.

Ticket Levels

General Event or High Roller?

Purchase your event tickets at either the General Event level for one individual or the High Roller level for two attendees.  Both provide a night full of fun, but the High Roller provides a VIP experience and a higher chance at winning one of the prizes!

Your Tickets are Tax Deductible!

Your General Event ticket purchase is tax deductible for anything over $20 (the value of the food) per ticket and the High Roller tickets are deductible for anything over $100 (the value of food and drinks for a couple).  Contact your tax expert for details.

Printable Ticket Form

Download and print the file below to order your ticket by mail or in person at the South Brevard Sharing Center.