How does Casablanca Gaming work?

When you check-in, you'll be given "Casablanca Dollars" to cash in toward gaming chips at any of our gaming tables. As you win throughout the night, you'll collect more gaming chips which can be exchanged at the end of the evening for raffle tickets toward a chance at winning your choice of our Grand Raffle Prizes, valued at over $500 each!

The Dealers

We use a professional casino company who employs experienced gaming dealers so whether you're an expert at gaming and want to deal with someone who knows their stuff or your a newbie and need a dealer who can teach you a new game, you'll find the right table for you!

The Games

We have blackjack, craps, roulette, and sit-n-go poker tables!  Play your favorites or try out a new game!  And whether you win or lose the game, your community wins!

About Us

Need More Gaming Money?

If you're out of luck at the tables and need more Casablanca Dollars, see one of our Casablanca Bankers and for an additional donation, he or she can hook you up with more Casablanca Dollars for more playing time and more chances at our amazing Grand Raffle Prizes!

The Grand Raffle

At the end of the night, all Casablanca Dollars and gaming chips will be exchanged for Grand Raffle Prize tickets.  Enter your raffle tickets in the drawing for the prizes are that you are most interested in winning.  We will finish the night with the drawings for all of the Grand Raffle Prizes, and you will go home with your winnings that night!

Past Grand Raffle prizes have included vacations, fine jewelry, a kayak, high-end bicycles, and one-of-a-kind experiences!